Puppy Dog Pals

American computer-animated TV series

American TV series or program
Puppy Dog Pals
  • Slice of life
    Children's television
Created byHarland Williams
Directed by
  • Scott Bern
  • Stephanie Arnett
  • Bill Breneisen
  • Spencer Laudiero
  • Sean Coyle
  • Dan Fausett
  • Tim Maltby
Voices of
  • Issac Ryan Brown
  • Sam Lavagnino
  • Elisha "EJ" Williams
  • Gracen Newton
  • Harland Williams
  • Jessica DiCicco
  • Tom Kenny
  • Shiloh Nelson
  • Giselle Eisenberg
  • Cree Summer
Theme music composerAndy Bean
Opening theme"Puppy Dog Pals"
by Andy Bean
Ending theme"Puppy Dog Pals" (Instrumental)
ComposerAndy Bean
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes113 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Sean Coyle
  • Richard Marlis
  • Carmen Italia
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Snowball Studios
  • Rainbow CGI
  • MiBACT – Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo
Running time22 minutes (11 minutes per segment)
Production companyWild Canary Animation
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original networkDisney Junior
Original releaseApril 14, 2017 (2017-04-14) –
present (present)

Puppy Dog Pals is an American computer-animated children's television series created by Harland Williams.[1] The series debuted on Disney Junior in the United States on April 14, 2017.[2]


Puppy Dog Pals is about[3] Bingo and Rolly, two pug puppy brothers who have fun traveling around their neighborhood and the world when their owner Bob leaves home. They also have a kitty sister named Hissy and a robot dog named A.R.F. (Auto-Doggy Robotic Friend).



  • Bingo (voiced by Issac Ryan Brown in seasons 1–3; Elisha "EJ" Williams in season 4–present) — A blackish grayish pug with a blue lightning collar who is more mature than his twin brother Rolly. He is the leader of Rolly and himself. Bingo is always ready to go on missions with his brother to help someone in need. Issac Ryan Brown couldn't voice Bingo anymore after season 3 due to puberty so Elisha Williams took on the role.
  • Rolly (voiced by Sam Lavagnino in seasons 1–3; Gracen Newton in season 4–present) — A fawn pug with a red collar with a gold bone on it. He isn't as smart as Bingo but is very silly. He is Bingo's twin birthday brother but Bingo is older than Rolly. This is clarified in season 1. Rolly loves to chew on everything he can find and it's a bad habit. Sam Lavagnino couldn't voice Rolly anymore after season 3 due to puberty so Gracen Newton took on the role.
  • Bob (voiced by Harland Williams) — The owner of Bingo, Rolly, Hissy, and A.R.F. He works as an industrial designer/product designer a.k.a. an "inventor." In the season 2 premiere "A New Pup in Town," Bob modified the fence between his and Chloe's house, so that Keia can play with Bingo, Rolly and Hissy and they can all visit each other's homes without having to dig under the fence and made a new collar for Keia (since her old one fell off), which she wears during missions with Bingo and Rolly.
  • Hissy (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) — A cynical purple tabby cat who cares for Bingo and Rolly like a big sister. In some episodes, she ends up going along with Bingo and Rolly on their missions. She and Cupcake are the only animals with unnatural fur color.
  • A.R.F. (fully known as Auto-Doggy Robotic Friend; voiced by Tom Kenny) — A robotic dog that Bob invented. He first appears in the episode "A.R.F." and was updated by Bob in "Go Dog Go." He always refers to himself in the third person in every episode with the exception of "Go Dog Go" and "How ARF Got His Voice Back."
  • Keia (voiced by Shiloh Nelson) — A new puppy owned by Bob's next door neighbors, Chloe and her mother. Keia also becomes close friends with Bingo, Rolly and Hissy ever since she met them. She is also known for wearing a turquoise colored long-sleeved sweater and wearing a pink collar with a gold star on it. She first appeared in "A New Pup in Town." Her best friend is Lollie.
  • Lollie (voiced by Giselle Eisenberg) — A black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel female puppy wearing a green collar whose back legs are paralyzed. She first appeared in “Adopt-A-Palooza”. Her best friend is Keia. She becomes Bingo and Rolly sister at the end of season 4.
  • Ana (voiced by Cree Summer) — Lollie's owner and Bob's love interest and then later wife. She first appeared in "Adopt-a-Palooza."
  • Strawberry (communicates with squeaking noises) — A ladybug who, like Bingo, Rolly and Hissy, is a close friend of Keia's, so much so that Strawberry hangs around with Keia most of the time. Like Keia, Strawberry has also made her debut in "A New Pup in Town." Keia has given the ladybug the name "Strawberry" because, according to Keia, she looks like a strawberry due to her red body with black spots.


  • Cupcake (voiced by Jill Talley) — A bitter pink Maltese dog who likes to bully other animals, especially Bingo and Rolly. She becomes more of a friend after "The Fang Fairy."
  • Rufus (voiced by Leslie David Baker) — An oafish bulldog who is Cupcake's brother and minion. He has been known to chase Bingo and Rolly multiple times, but in "Haunted Howl-O-Ween," after Rolly removed Chloe's costume off him, he helped them return it.
  • Captain Dog (voiced by Patrick Warburton) — The star of the pup's favorite television show.
  • Frank Exposition (voiced by Leslie David Baker) — A man who is usually seen vacationing with his wife, Esther, during Bingo and Rolly's missions. In "A Pyramid Scheme," he gets tangled in ribbons, which leads to Bingo and Rolly mistaking him for a mummy.
  • Esther Exposition (voiced by Cheri Oteri) — Frank's wife. In episode "Hissy's Big Day", she is shown to have a pet iguana named Iggy.
  • Bulworth (voiced by Huey Lewis) — The junkyard dog.
  • Johnathan (voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Don Knotts) — Bingo and Rolly's wisecracking seagull friend.
  • Chloe (voiced by Emma Shannon) — A little girl who is Bob's neighbor. As of Season 2, Chloe and her mother are the owners of Keia, a new puppy who also becomes best friends with Bob's pets.
  • Cagey (voiced by Jeff Bennett) — A guinea pig who is friends with Bingo and Rolly. He is seen on the pet store window when they pass by. Later he becomes a pet for Chloe and a brother to Keia.
  • Bizzy (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) — A beaver who lives in the woods and likes to rap.
  • Strider the Sheepdog (voiced by Mo Collins) — A fast-talking sheep herding sheepdog who appears in the episodes "Counting Sheep" and "Rhapsody in Pug."
  • Santa Clause (voiced by Henry Winkler) – The one who gets help from Bingo and Rolly during the holidays and other missions.
  • Bonnie (voiced by Grey DeLisle) – Bonnie is Bob's sister, who is an archeologist.
  • Hedgie (voiced by Jack McBrayer) — A brown hedgehog who is great friends with the pups and he gives great advice.
  • Boss (voiced by Brandon James Cienfuegos) — A young guard dog.
  • Sydney (voiced by Kitana Turnbull) – Bulworth's niece.
  • Auggie (voiced by Spencer Moss) – One of the young pups, who was introduced in the episode "The New Crew", and is also Mo's sister.
  • Mo (voiced by Julian Edwards) – Another one of the young pups, who was introduced in the episode "The New Crew". He is also Auggie's brother.
  • Buster (voiced by Bentley Lee Conger) – A brown boxer puppy, who acts as Leo's brother and as Darius pet pup.
  • Leo (voiced by Jack Stanton) – An orange tabby kitten, who acts as Buster's brother and as Darius pet kitten.
  • Roxy (voiced by Somali Rose) – A pup, who acts as Nougat's sister and as Grace's pet pup.
  • Nougat (voiced by Amari McCoy) – A piglet, who acts as Roxy's sister and as Grace's pet pig.
  • Darius (voiced by Jayden Theophile) – Ana's nephew and owner of Buster and Leo, who loves science. Starting with the episode "New Pals on the Block", he is living with Bob and Ana while his parents are on a work trip.
  • Grace (voiced by Rylee Alazraqui) – The new kid in town and the owner of Roxy and Nougat, who befriends Darius.
  • Willie (voiced by David Koechner, credited as Dave Koechner) – A interface robot, which takes care of the Doggy Jojo at Playcare.


SeasonSegmentsEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
15025April 14, 2017 (2017-04-14)July 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
26030October 12, 2018 (2018-10-12)October 14, 2019 (2019-10-14)
35025November 8, 2019 (2019-11-08)October 15, 2020 (2020-10-15)
43216October 23, 2020 (2020-10-23)November 19, 2021 (2021-11-19)[4]
5TBATBAJanuary 14, 2022 (2022-01-14)TBA


The series premiered on Disney Junior and Disney Channel in the United States on April 14, 2017, and on Disney Junior in Canada on April 23. Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals aired on Tiny Pop to advertise season 2 with the new puppy, Keia. On August 24, 2017, Disney Junior renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on October 12, 2018. On September 7, 2018, a third season was commissioned; it began airing on November 8, 2019.[5] On October 30, 2019, a fourth season was commissioned after it was previously announced in June that the series was being cancelled after three seasons; it began airing on October 23, 2020, with new voice actors for Bingo (Elisha “EJ” Williams, replacing Issac Ryan Brown) and Rolly (Gracen Newton, replacing Sam Lavagnino). On October 9, 2020, a fifth season was commissioned;[6] it began airing on January 14, 2022.[7]

Home media

Home media is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Region Title Episode(s) Season Running time Released Ref.
1 Going on a Mission! 6 1 183 minutes April 10, 2018 (2018-04-10)
Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals January 22, 2019
Disney Junior Holiday 2 143 minutes October 23, 2018

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2018 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Individual in Animation Steve C. Meyers Won
Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special Allyson Bosch Nominated
2019 Annie Awards Outstanding Achievement for Editorial in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Adam Rickabus Nominated [8]
2020 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Performer in a Preschool Animated Program Kevin Michael Richardson as King Topher Nominated
Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special Allyson Bosch Nominated
Outstanding Sound Editing for a Preschool Animated Program Puppy Dog Pals Nominated
2021 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Editing for a Preschool Animated Program Puppy Dog Pals Nominated [9]


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